4th Grade Info
Welcome to Fourth Grade!

We hope you all have had a nice, long summer and are ready to start school! We are very excited about this year, and can't wait to get started. As always, with the new school year there are some new procedures and routines. We have compiled the following information to familiarize you with the procedures and routines for fourth grade. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

If your child is sick from a fever, he/she must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. You may call the school and get the classwork/homework for the day. If you plan to be out of town, all missed assignments will be together for your child upon their return.

We need to know if your child is allergic to anything, including foods. Also, please include a plan of action should your child have an allergic reaction.

Box Tops:
Save those Box Tops for Education off your cereal boxes, etc., and send them in with your child as much as possible! We can raise lots of money for the school and there are competitions to see which grade level can raise the most.

Communication is an essential ingredient in our success together. Please feel free to come by the school, call, send a note, or email with any concerns you may have. We will communicate regularly thorough take-home folders, parent notes, weekly newsletters progress reports, conferences, and phone calls. My email address is: byrdme@hickoryschools.net

Conferences will be help at the end of the first and third nine weeks or upon request/need. They may be scheduled before or after school.

Homework is an excellent way or children to learn responsibility and good study habits. It also increases and reinforces skills that your child is learning in the classroom. Please refer to the homework tab on my website for specific weekly homework assignments.

Library Books:
Your child will be able to check out library books each week. He/she may keep it for one week and return it to check out a new book. If he/she hasn't finished the book, it can be checked out for an additional week.

Students may bring their lunch or buy from the cafeteria. If you pack your child's lunch, please do not pack glass bottles or sodas. You can check our school website for a lunch menu. We would love to have parents, grandparents, etc. come eat with us. You may come any day you wish. Our lunchtime is 12:35-1:05. Please check by the office to sign in when visiting the school. Visitors will be given a visitor's badge to wear while in the school.

Make-Up Work:

If a student is absent  then their make up work should be due “one day greater than the number of absences”.Students are responsible for completing assignments on time and turning in the work.  Assignments that are not completed or turned in will receive a grade of 50%.

Good manners play a very important part in our classroom and our school. We always use "please" and "thank-you". We show respect and kindness to our classmates and teachers.

When your child needs to take a medication for any reason at school, you must fill out a medication form and turn it in. No medication can be given without this form. Hand-written notes are not permitted when dispensing medication.

A weekly newsletter will be sent home each Friday in your child's Friday Folder. It will also be posted on my website. Please review the newsletter each week, as they are extremely important and contain valuable information about what's going on in our class/school.

If your child has been sick, or is going to be picked up for an appointment, please send a note. Any time a child is absent from school, it is required that a note/email/phone call be received.

Our school policy states that we are allowed 2 parties per year: one at Christmas and one during some other time during the year (usually an 'end of the year' party). Birthday parties are not permitted during instructional time. If you would like to send a treat your child's birthday, it will be served at lunch time. Also, if birthday invitations are sent to school, there must be one for each child in the class, or they cannot be distributed.

Personal Information:
If you move or your telephone number changes, please inform us of the new information. We always need to be able to contact you in case of emergency, or if we are having any problems with your child during the school day.

Students are allowed to bring a small, healthy snack to eat during the morning hours. This should be something they can eat without leaving crumbs or stickiness on their desks. Due to safety reasons, food cannot be shared. Students are also allowed to bring a water bottle to class.

Friday Folders:
Your child will bring home their graded assignments on a weekly basis. Please review and discuss any work that seemed difficult for your child. Please sign the Friday Folder form each week and return the folder to school on Monday. Please send back all tests to be kept at school for review/assessment purposes.

Homework Folder/Agenda:
Students will be bringing home a homework folder and their agenda nightly. In this folder you will find homework, spelling words and any information pertaining to upcoming school events. Please send any notes/money in the homework folder to school with your child. Students will record their homework in their agenda each day. You can also use this agenda to write any notes or questions for me. 

Text Messages:
You can send and received text messages to/from me. This feature is through the internet and is called REMIND. I do not have access to your cell through this website. If I need to send a quick reminder, this is an awesome way to contact you. To sign up for REMIND, please contact me for your class code.

Transportation Notes:
If your child's transportation changes, please send us a note specifying the change. We must have written permission from the parents to change a child's transportation home. Also, the person picking your child up must be on the information sheet filed in the office.

If you have some spare time and would like to volunteer in our classroom, we would greatly appreciate it! We can always use some extra hands. If possible, please let me know ahead of time, so that I will have some things ready for you to do. All volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Form before you can volunteer.