Behavior Expectations

Behavior Plan
As a teacher, I will work to promote learning and positive attitudes in the classroom. I have found that the most effective way to manage behavior is to celebrate positive behavior. I also believe that there are certain ways to ensure that inappropriate behavior is minimised. I will do this by:

1. Keeping my students actively engaged in learning.
2. Leading a fair, nurturing and consistent learning environment.
3. Giving specific and easy to understand expectations.
4. Establish solid routines and procedures for the entire school day.

As a class we will discuss appropriate behaviors in depth and together we will create a social contract of guidelines that we feel are important to follow in our classroom and school. Students will be expected to demonstrate these expectations.

Behavior Cards
Our class will be utilizing a positive behavior system of using behavior cards. Students can receive behavior cards throughout the day for: paying attending, participation, helping a classmate, being respectful, following directions, coming to class prepared, etc. Loss of cards will be due to disrespect, talking at inappropriate times, not completing classwork, etc. At the end of the week, I will draw from several behavior cards for students to receive a class coupon. Coupons include, homework pass, write in pen for the day, treasure box, bring a stuffed animal, etc.