Students are responsible for reading 20 minutes nightly and completing a basic reading log.  In addition to the nightly reading, students will be required to complete one book report each month.  The format and genre of the report will be discussed in full.  Templates and rubrics for the book reports will be sent home at the beginning of the month with due dates.

Monday-Thursday students will bring home a spiral review math page to reinforce previously taught skills and to keep said skills sharp.  It is very important these are done nightly due to the fact that we will check these pages together at the beginning of math each day.  The chosen skills will be the same each night of the week.  There will be a quiz each week of the same skills.  New weekly skills begin each Monday.

Spelling:  Most spelling work will be completed at school.  The time allotted during the school day for spelling activities is AFTER students complete their station or small group work.  Any spelling work not completed at school that day will be taken home for homework.  On Thursdays, students are assigned a practice test for homework to be given and signed by an adult.

Please make sure planners and reading logs are signed nightly.  By doing so, you are helping your student start each day of right!

***Each morning students have the opportunity to earn Dojo points by having all of their homework completed***